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6 ways to market your business in a lockdown

As we grapple with the second wave of COVID-19, it is extremely important to understand how to sustain and scale your small or medium sized businesses during such unprecedented times.

Here are some tips that are sure to help you in this lockdown.

Show people the value of your service: Good will is sure to be the best approach and a fail-proof marketing strategy for your business.

Stay relevant to your audience base: The connection you build with your audience directly contributes to your brand image.

Interact with your audience: Send regular email updates, SMS alerts to keep them up to date on how you're supporting them.

Understand your customer's behaviour: You need to be well aware of your target audience and customer's pain points to stay relevant and convey your goals with the right messaging. Understanding how your product and services can resolve or cater to the current problems faced by the consumer could be a good way to start.

Your digital presence matters now more than ever: With more and more number of people online due to lockdown, now is the correct time to get creative, be relatable, offer something unique, lend a helping hand, while you build your brand. And, last but not the least...

Measure your marketing efforts: Study your insights and analytics to understand the behaviour of your audience. Keep track of your efforts so you know what's working for your brand and business.

While it is important to understand that not each and every method might work for you, the whole idea behind this is to innovate and stay relevant to your consumer base as you adapt to uncertainty. Testing different marketing strategies is sure to give you a perspective towards your business, is sure to add great value to it in the long run.


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